Sbay Sbay Social Media


Sbay Sbay Social Media Management. We have just finished their website and are now syncing it with all the social media accounts we have created. We also create a month’s worth of posts in advance and get them signed off and insert the asset into scheduled posts for 6 months.
Created Facebook Instagram and Twitter business accounts for scheduled posts.


Need social media accounts with branding and services in mind. Also, post content for 6 months as well the website completion. Basic SEO for some organic traffic.


Finished the website and social media accounts ready for marketing and pulling customers in.

  • Listed services from the website to social media accounts
  • Basic SEO complete
  • Social media posts with service promotion as well as the online booking form to be promoted on all platforms


  • 21 post a week on all platforms
  • 11 Booking made in first 2 weeks!
  • 700 pageviews first week
  • -48.21% bounce rate
  • 21 posts out already
  • +21% growth in sales

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