SEO Strategy


These are the steps we take to execute an SEO strategy. Health-shield is a health supplements company that specializes in innovative and unique blends of vitamins. After a lot of competitor and keyword research we executed the SEO strategy in this order.

  1. Step #1: Created a List of Keywords.
  2. Step #2: Analyzed Google’s First Page.
  3. Step #3: Created Something Better.
  4. Step #4: Added a Hook.
  5. Step #5: Optimized For On-Page SEO.
  6. Step #6: Optimized For Search Intent.
  7. Step #7: Made The Content Look Awesome.
  8. Step #8: Built Links to Their Page.


CBD is not allowed to advertise and is a very specialist area when it comes to marketing CBD. They also have 21 other products so competitor analysis had to represent that.


Designed the website embeding in the keyword with on page SEO

  • Specialist Payement Gateway for CBD
  • Keyword representing a good mix of the 21 prodcuts
  • Chose Keto as a product that pulls people in with special offers,


  • +9.64% sessions
  • +12.35% average session duration
  • +25.47% pageviews
  • -53.21% bounce rate
  • +22.23% pages per session
  • +22.23% growth in sales

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Branding and Packaging

We created this line of packaging for Healthshield. With 21 products we had to first come up with a template and then break categories down to specific colors for easy recognition and navigation through the range. We choose the tri-color scheme, highlighted in the logo, as base colors to work with.


Red Rabbit Rebranding

This is a perfect example of rebranding your business. We have been open for three years and having a constant stream of jobs we didn’t really feel the need to rebrand. However, if we look back on our social media and website it was feeling outdated and didn’t represent the skill level we have today.